What to Bring



Warm change of clothes

Waterproof Camera/Phone


Thermal Top and Thermal Leggings to wear under a Wetsuit (March-November)

A sense of fun and adventure

Bottle of Water / Snacks



We recommend you wear your preferred swim-wear and bring your own wetsuit and water shoes if you are a water sport pro. However we provide wetsuits and water shoes for safety reasons during the months outside of summer. During summer we recommend you wear your preferred swim-wear and bring lots of sun block. At all other times of year and for all evening tours we recommend you wear your preferred swim wear under a thermal top and thermal leggings which you can put a wetsuit over to stay warmer if needed. We recommend you are wearing these swim-wear and under layers underneath normal clothing on pick-up.

 What are the tour times ?

Paddle Board tours operate at 9am, 12pm, 3pm daily in summer and 9am and 12pm daily in winter

Paddle Board and Kayak Glow Worm Tours operate as follows:

First Sunday in April to last Saturday in September - every evening at 5pm

Last Sunday in September to November - every evening at 7pm

December to February - every evening at 7:30pm or 8pm

March to first Saturday in April - every evening at 7pm.

Steaming Kayak Tours operate every day at 8am and 1pm

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We pick you up from the Rotorua Information Centre at 1167 Fenton Street unless you have requested a pick-up from your accommodation which will have been confirmed on your booking. Please wait outside the Rotorua Information Centre at 1167 Fenton Street at the main bus station.

 Do I need experience ?

NO ! - Most people we take paddle boarding have never paddle boarded before and around half of the people we take kayaking have only kayaked a limited number of times.

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YES !! We provide neoprene wetsuits and neoprene wet-shoes to keep you warm when needed. In summer wetsuits are optional and water-shoes are not required.

 Is it OK if I cannot swim ?

YES !! It is ok if you cannot swim. Every person we take on the water is supplied a personal flotation device which helps to keep you afloat should you fall in the water. Our guides are trained at assisting you back onto your board so help is usually easily on hand. You are required to notify your guide prior to entering the water if you cannot swim.



At Paddle Board Rotorua we are not sending you flying over waterfalls in rafts or towing you behind boats at 40km/hr. We are very lucky in Rotorua to be spoiled for choice on lakes on which we can operate. Most of the lakes we operate on are small and are generally placid. However as with any water-based and transportation activities there are inherent and assumed risks. We have a comprehensive safe operational plan, a vehicle and driver policy and a navigation safety license to operate and are always striving to minimize and manage the risks during our activities.

 Will it be too cold?

NO !! All our tours including the evening Glow Worm Tours operate all year round. Customers in winter love our tours just the same as customers in summer !!

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The minimum age for paddle board tours is 5 years old for daytime tours and 13 years old for the evening glow worm paddle board tours. Any person under 17 years old most be accompanied by a responsible adult. We recommend that families with young children choose our evening glow worm kayak tour option instead of the evening paddle board option. The minimum age for all kayak tours is 5 years old.

 How fit do i need to be ?

While greater levels of fitness generally helps in all aspects of life, you do not need to be any kind of athlete to take part in our tours. Paddle boarding and kayaking on the Rotorua lakes is generally a relaxing more leisure type activity. Only minor fitness levels are required for all of our tours with the exception of the Steaming Kayak tour which requires a moderate level of fitness.